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Our scrapbook notes about Venice

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, but also one of the most claustrophobic with its endless tiny alleys and streets.  I love Venice, you can't get more Italian than little street alleys with Italian women hanging clothes off balconies, then turning a corner and finding a open downstairs window turned into a fresh pizza store with gelato next door. Venice has a lot to offer for cultural tourists and backpackers alike. The city does have it's expensive element with its couture fashion stores and it's expensive restaurants in the Piazza San Marco but don't let that put you off. Venice is a great city just to walk around and bask in the beauty of the buildings, the canals and the Italian orchestras which don most squares. The city also has so much to offer outside of the centre. For example, take a bus boat to a nearby town and discover some of the great beaches near the city.