New York

Our scrapbook notes about New York

Not much really needs to be said about New York unless you haven't seen any big films, TV shows, or even music videos, then you won't have a clue what there is to see in this magnificent city. I'd say that New York isn't the most backpacker of cities as it can be also be seen as a shopping holiday, a Japanese tourist camera holiday, a weekend away etc etc. My view of backpacking is always doing things on the cheap, or searching hidden gems of places, which New York doesn't necessarily tick off. However, as the city is full of so much culture, even if this is mass market culture, it's one of the those cities you must see. Whether you explore the hotspots of the Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Saks 5th avenue or Brooklyn, you won't be bored in this city and no doubt you'll learn a thing or two on your visit.