Travel Inspiration: Becky's Scuba Diving Hotspots

For the past few years I’ve really gotten into scuba diving and I quite regularly research the top places to go and how beautiful the ocean can be. I learnt to scuba dive in the hot tropics of Birmingham, England… hence why I’m pretty keen to venture away from any quarry which is filled with mud, dust and rusty cars (don’t ask). Once you’re a qualified diver you can pretty much scuba dive at your own leisure around the world. The most obvious of qualifications, and the most recognised, is the PADI open water diver course which took me 6 weeks to do in the UK for £300. I highly recommend learning somewhere a bit more tropical than a pool in Birmingham. If you choose to learn in places like The Philippines of Indonesia, you can be qualified at a large fraction of the price I paid, plus you're learning in some of the most beautiful tropical waters.

Since moving to Japan my thirst for scuba diving around the world has grown so much more. At first I began to look at the typical hotspot of the red sea which apparently hosts some of the best dive spots in the world:

From the picture you can see the vast amount of ocean to put your teeth into, and also the wildlife you can explore. Apart from the red sea in Sharm el Sheik, my other dive hotspots at the moment are Palau, the Great Barrier Reef and Okinawa. As I aim to live in Okinawa and the Great Barrier Reef this year hopefully I can tick them off the list. Feast your eyes on these beauts, and you’ll see why I want to go so badly.


Okinawa, Japan

The Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

All images from Google Images, I do not own the copyright.